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Thursday, September 18, 2014


I received a full sizes Aveda Natrually Straght from She Speaks and Aveda in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

I used the product for 5 days and followed the directions aand I would like to say I LOVE IT! This stuff works great. the key is to follow the exact instructions and I promise you , you will have wonderful results like I did too.

My hair is dry, very frizzy and curly. I hate my hair and have tried so many products to tame it and try to look better. Aveda works. it has a light fresh, almost lemony scent and I really like it.
I don't even have to spend that much time straightening my hair anymore. its like my hair has been trained, its wonderful. 

I would recommend Aveda to busy ladies like myself with uncontrollable, frizzy curly hair and who want to look great without a lot of fuss.
It retails for about $26 dollars, which is a little pricey, but I would pay for the stress it has reduced in my life.

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