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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Have you ever heard of GLAMGLOW?
Well, if you haven't let me tell you. Its a new skin care line such as skin creams, mud masks and used at home to give yourself spa like facials. It is rumored that some Hollywood stars even use GLAMGLOW.

Today I'm going to share my review of GLAMGLOW POWERMUD DUAL CLEANSE TREATMENT. This is one of GLAMGLOW'S newest products.

GLAMGLOW POWERMUD is a dual cleanse treatment which means its a mud mask and a cleanser. It cleanses, nourishes, detoxs, and purifies. It uses the power of oil and the power of mud to create a multi-sensory experience, for a super gentle and deep cleaning and removal of toxin
s and impurities.

How do you use it?
You can use it once or twice a week. You apply a thin layer of GLAMGLOW POWERMUD to your face and leave it on for 5-10 mins. When time is up, use warm water and your mud mask turns in to a cleansing oil treatment. Rinse face and pat dry. Done!

Ok, so here is my review.
First of all I love the packaging designs that GLAMGLOW uses. They are colorful and in a cool shape but the print is very very small. You almost have to use a magnifying glass.
The POWERMUD has a very light fresh scent. It is very thin in consistency and after you apply it, you can hardly even feel it. Unlike other mud masks it doesn't get hard and tight.
I waited about 8 mins before I rinsed with warm water and it turned into a very nice lather. I patted my face dry and looked in the mirror. I will admit that my skin looked a little more radiant and it felt a lot softer and clean.
Now I should of mentioned before that I have really oily skin. I usually wake up in the morning and my face is so shiny and oily. Yes, I know its gross.
However, when I woke up the following morning, my face was not oily it all. My skin still looked like it did before I went to bed. I lived the results.Having oily skin is really hard to deal with and it can also be embarrassing. My skin remained oil free for about 4 days. It wasn't dry either. So I was pretty happy. Actually I was really happy. The whole process only takes about 10 minutes twice a week. Pretty great results.

So I do recommend GLAMGLOW POWERMUD to those of you that have oily skin. You can purchase it at Sephora online or in person. The jar I received was 1.7 oz and it will last a while. GLAMGLOW POWERMUD retails for about $69.00.
Fir more information go online to www.sephora.com

I was not paid to write this review, but I did receive GLAMGLOW POWERMUD to try for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion.


  1. Thanks ! Very Interesting, Ill HAVE to try it !

  2. Its really different then all of the other facial products I have used. If you try it, let me know what you think.
    Thanks for commenting Julia.