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Thursday, September 11, 2014


We will never forget....

September 11, 2001.
Do you remember where you were? I do. I was asleep and pregnant with my second daughter. I remember my phone was ringing non stop and I got mad because I still had 15 minutes to sleep before I had to get up for work. Let me remind you, I live in California so it was still fairly early.

I answered the phone to one of my girlfriends telling me to hurry and turn on the tv. I was still angry for being woke, but I turned it on.
It took me a few minutes of watching it to realize what was going on. The news kept showing the plane hitting the tower over and over again then I realized the phone was still in my hand.

I didn't say anything to my friend on the phone, I didn't have too.

I was only 23 at the time, I didn't know much, but I knew I was terrified. I called my boss and left her a voicemail telling her I wasn't coming in that day. I stared at the tv another 15 minutes before I called my daughters school letting them know, she wouldn't be going in either.

I called my mom. She felt the same way. We were scared, nervous and in shock. We live only 25 miles from The States Capital and that just seemed too close. Right then I just wanted to live way out in the country, away from anything and anyone that could hurt me or my family.

I think the whole nation, and parts of the world were in pain and disbelief. Moms, Dads, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, we were all hurting. Pain and anger for those that were lost, and fear that there was more tradgedy to come.
The unknown.
Many prayers were said that day.

I will not go into the details, the specifics, politics, or my very own personal beliefs about 9/11. This isn't the time or the place. This isn't what this post is about.

This is about family and healing.

So please, everyone.. Hug your babies an extra time today, Take a minute to call a friend or family member, keep today simple and don't sweat the small stuff. Say a prayer for those who are hurting and lost, and pray that they find peace in their hearts.

Today is a new day, but we will never ever forget. Not a single one of us Americans.


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