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Friday, September 26, 2014


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If you don't know who Shadow or Zoomer is then you must not have kids.
Shadow is Zoomer's buddy. Zoomer and Shadow or interactive electronic robotic dogs.
They are also a kids best friend.

I was so excited when I was contacted and asked if i would like to test and try a dog from the Zoomer line for free in exchange for my honest review and opinion.
Heck yes. These robotic dogs can run up to $99.99
I was so super excited!

When Shadow arrived on my doorstep I was super stoked because my son has been begging for a Zoomer. Shadow is from the Zoomer family and is Zoomer's best buddy.

I have to admit the box and Shadow were a lot smaller in person and the box was really hard to open or maybe we were just so exited that it seemed to take forever.

After finally destroying the cute little box that Shadow came in, we realized he was rechargeable. That is a big plus! No worrying about how we would have to keep batteries on hand. Shadow also comes with an easy to read instruction booklet.

We had to charge Shadow a few hours before he was ready to play.

Once charged, Shadows eyes light up and he ready to go. Shadow moved very robot like which is actually to be expected because, he is after all a robot dog. Great for kids who live in homes where pets are not allowed or some one is allergic.
Shadow has a list of commands you can teach him and you need to remember that he is still a puppy at first and puppy's do mistakes. I personally love it because it really makes it seem more lifelike.
My son absolutely loves Shadow and has been trying to train him, however he has had a problem because you need to have a clear and concise voice when teaching Shadow, my son is 6, and has a bit of a lisp, so it has been a little hard, but we are working on it.
Shadow also has other commandos that are not listed in the instruction booklet so its going to be fun trying to find out what the secret commands are, I'm sure you can google it or look it up on SpinMasters website but we want to figure it out ourselves.

Shadow does need to be charged about every 90 minutes of continuous play, which is a negative, but we just call it nap time.

Shadow was originally going to be used as my sons toy, but I have to admit, our whole family fell in love with him.

This was by far one of the best toys/products my family and i got to review.
Shadow and the whole line of the Zoomer family is definitely on the tip top of the

Shadow by SpinMaster


  1. This review is from: Zoomer Interactive Puppy - Shadow (Toy)
    From Spin Master. Toy review. #Toy #Toys #Gift #Shadow #Zoomer

  2. My little niece has one of these, and us adults play with it more than she does. Great review!

    1. Haha Jenny Frank!
      Same here, I think it may be because we wish we had something cool like this when we were kids.