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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy September!!

Hi Everyone!
Well can you believe its September already. Are you ready for fall yet?
So many things happening! If you have kids then how is back to school going for you? Well as most of you know, I have 3 kids. That means three different breakfasts, three different lunches and three different schools! I'm ready for a nap by 9:30 AM!
I have to admit I still cry on the first day of school. No, not out of happiness, but I really do miss my kids that first day. There is something about seeing them in the new school clothes and their excited yet nervous facial expressions. I remember being that age. I guess you can say it brings back memories, kind of a nostalgic feeling.
So are you ready for fall yet?
Fall is actually one of my most favorite seasons. Big sweaters, boots, apple cider, Halloween & Thanksgiving is right around the corner.
I'm not even going to mention Christmas but you know its coming, especially if you have been to any big box stores recently.
So, yes in a nutshell Fall is awesome and I can't wait for it to get here! Especially for us Californians who are really hoping for rain and cooler weather.
I am going to have alot of different things going on in the next few weeks that I can't wait to share with everyone. There is going to be alot of reviews, recipes and money saving tips, and of course we are going to be going over some newer items that are coming out that could work for Christmas presents! Time to think "out of the box".
I'm really excited to share all these new ideas and product reviews with you guys. Its going to be great!

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