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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Movie On Main Street

When you live in a small town like I do, there isn't much for families to do, especially on Friday nights. Luckily for us, our town got together with Bayside Church, they shut down Main street and decided to entertain us with a movie right smack in the center of town.

I took my two youngest and we went out for a fun filled family night and it only cost us a total of $2.00. Heck, that is spare change you find in the couch.
We didn't live too far, so we decided to walk instead of having to find parking. We arrived at about 5:30 PM. There was already music playing from a local band, 2 different jump houses. Lots of games for the kids to play. Best part, it was all FREE! There were a few food vendors, and we did spend 2$ on 2 popcorn's and 1 soda. We brought some of our own candy.
My Son going down the big bouncy slide

They had lots of jumpy houses for the kids

The trees were beautifully decorated

How cute, somebody painted the electrical boxes

When the sun set and it got dark, we layer out our blanket and all got comfortable to watch Despicable Me.
As the movie was playing, I looked around and saw how great a time everyone was having. They had white Christmas lights on the city trees and the weather was perfect.
Times like this I am so proud of my small town and proud of my community. A big thanks to Bayside Church and The City Of Woodland for putting together an awesome family night.
If you haven't heard of Bayside Church, you should really check them out. In no way am I trying to push religion on you, but Bayside does so much for communities. They help with fundraising and also help with The Angel Tree Program. You can learn about them here:

Does your town do any type of community events like this? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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