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Thursday, October 16, 2014


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Look at what I have been playing with! It's a digital scale that you can take on the go! It can easily fit in your purse, briefcase, or travel bag.

Now, your probably thinking to yourself, "why the heck would I need that?"
There are so many things that a digital scale can be used for.
I use to have a hobby/business in jewelry. 
I often needed a small scale to weigh things like gold jewelry, silver and diamonds. The jewelry business is very tricky, its always nice to have your own scale on hand when dealing with people you don't know well. 
It takes all the guesswork out of calculating postage. have you ever out an extra stamp on a letter or card because you weren't entirely sure if one stamp would be enough? Using this pocket scale makes it so much easier, those extra stamps can add up.
The Smart Weigh Pro Pocket Scale can do all that and so much more.
Great for coin collecting and measuring diet intake. You know a recipe may call for 1 ounce of a certain spice, well now you can actually see how much 1 ounce of that certain spice is. 
I bet you will be surprised.
During the holidays, sometimes the kids and I will make home made fudge to sell at the holiday swap meets. Using the Smart Weigh Pro Pocket Scale is a great way to make sure everything is uniformed in packaging!

Bright LED light for easy readability

The pro Pocket Scale has lots of capabilities such as:
* Weight Capacity of 500 grams with a wide measuring range
* It has a PCS function that makes it very easy to get an accurate count of what you are weighing
* It has two protective covers that double as expansion trays
* Offers multiple measuring modes
* The unique hold feature will lock the precise weight
* Contemporary design with stainless steel platform
* Chrome buttons
* Rubber grips placed at four corners for extra sturdiness
* Comes with two AAA batteries

Sometimes its just fun to weigh things
Like I have said before, I have worked many different places and have used pocket scales to weigh many different things.
The Smart Weigh Pro Pocket Scale is a very nice looking scale and works great. It is very light weight and very easy to read. Ii love that it has a well lit LED back light that lets you read what your weighing very easily.
It is great to have on hand for postage, and coins.
I am not going to brag and say that this is the best scale I have ever used, but it is also not the worst.
I was a little disappointed that the batteries seemed to die out within a few hours, and when I went to replace them I had the hardest time replacing the battery cover.
It also seems so lightweight that I don't know how long it will last, but that could just be my personal opinion.
By the way, it does have a two year warranty.
Other then that, I think it is a scale that is very capable of doing it's job.

If you would like to purchase The Smart Weigh Pro Pocket Scale, or read more review, you can find it on Amazon or Click Here:

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